Science for public understanding

These materials provide many opportunities for independent research and for the application of ‘Ideas about Science’ within the ‘Science for Public Understanding’ specification.

Global warming and climate change are topics which link together the earlier topics on ‘Using Fuels and Electricity Supply’ with ‘Radiation’. They provide opportunities to use almost all the ‘Ideas about Science’.

Title and Description Notes
Introduction for Teachers Teachers’ notes (pdf, 90 KB)
The Day After Tomorrow Discussion exercise & lesson plan (rtf, 10 KB) Can be used with or without class internet access.
Discussion exercise (html) Requires internet access
Global development / greenhouse gas emissions forecast Discussion exercise (html) Can be used online or printed
Simple Climate Model Teachers’ notes (pdf, 140 KB) Calculator / Excel versions
Students’ notes Spreadsheet version (pdf, 120 KB)
Worksheet Excel version (xls, 14 KB)
Worksheet Calculator version (pdf, 100 KB)
Earth’s energy budget Teachers’ notes Presentation (pdf, 80 KB)
Presentation (pdf, 120 KB)
Why is carbon dioxide so important? Examining the evidence Teachers’ notes Presentation (pdf, 110 KB)
Presentation (pdf, 620 KB)
Powerpoint (ppt, 2.2 MB) results so far Teachers’ notes (pdf, 110 KB) Does not require the model to be running
Analysis exercise (pdf, 300 KB) Does not require the model to be running