Helping people understand the role of computer models in researching the changing climate is an important part of the work of The educational support that we offer includes materials for school curriculum and specialised online learning courses.

All the school curriculum material can be found on this website. However, if you are a professional working in this field and want to develop your understanding of climate modelling as part of your professional development, then we suggest you go to our dedicated area, supported by the Nuffield Foundation, has put together Science, Maths and Geography teaching materials based on the project. For some of these, you need to be running the model on your school computers, for others you don’t (although we’d very much like you to, there aren’t many opportunities to take part in a real, sophisticated scientific experiment). The materials focus very much on the concepts of modelling and prediction.

Resources for schools

With you can:

  • Learn about climate and how to predict it using models
  • Run the experiment and watch the weather patterns develop in your unique simulation of the Earth
  • Investigate some sample results we have already obtained

But first, choose the curriculum area of interest to you….

If you are a primary or secondary school teacher who has developed teaching material based on the project (in any language!), or even about more general climate change issues, and are prepared to make it available to other teachers, please contact Dr Peter Walton. is a dedicated learning website to support professionals looking to develop their understanding of climate modelling and the associated science. Two courses are currently available: course 1 is free and looks at the general principles of climate modelling whilst course 2 looks in more detail at regional climate models and how they can be applied. Course 2 is accredited through the University of Oxford’s professional development and as such does incur a course fee. To find out more about the courses please go to website. Please note that you will need to complete a simple registration process to access it.