International Baccalaureate

These resources are specifically aimed at International Baccalaureate syllabus. Many are also found in other sections.

Title and Description Notes
Introduction for teachers Teachers’ notes (pdf, 90 KB)
Global development/ greenhouse gas emissions forecast Discussion exercise. Can be used online or printed off (html)
Introducing climate prediction Teachers’ notes and lesson plan.Suggested use of simple climate model and presentation (pdf, 90 KB)
Introduction, including the simple climate model. Presentation (pdf, 260 KB)
Introduction, including the simple climate model.Powerpoint presentation (ppt, 290 KB)
Simple Climate Model Teachers’ notes calculator/ Excel versions (pdf, 140 KB)
Students’ notes Excel version (pdf, 120 KB)
Worksheet Excel version (xls, 14 KB)
Simple Climate Model – programming extension For advanced students, replaces spreadsheet. Excel version (pdf, 80 KB)
Simple Climate Model Paper and calculator worksheet (pdf, 100 KB)
Why is carbon dioxide so important? Examining the evidence Teachers’ notes presentation (pdf, 110 KB)
Presentation (pdf, 620 KB)
PowerPoint presentation (ppt, 2.2 MB)
Russia’s Kyoto Protocol dilemma Discussion exercise. Reference documents are available to download. (pdf, 70 KB) results so far Analysis excercise, teachers’ notes. Does not require the model to be running (pdf, 110 KB)
Analysis excercise. Does not require the model to be running (pdf, 300 KB)