Weather@home is a group of regional climate modelling experiments within

Follow live results from the weather@home 2015 Western US Drought experiment

Thanks to your support of we are able to design experiments that answer questions we otherwise could not answer without large climate model ensembles. However, most extreme weather events take place on a much smaller scale that the global models can’t show. For this we need the weather@home project!

Weather@home allows us to run regional climate models to answer the question: how does climate change affect our weather.

Weather@home helps us, and scientists all over the world, to answer this question. It is a family of regional climate models for a growing number of regions around the world. With weather@home we can investigate how the odds of extreme weather events change due to man-made climate change and natural climate variability.

With weather@home you can run the model simulating the weather in your native part of the world. Weather@home also makes a truly international project, as participants and the scientists who analyse the data come from all over the world. The fact that local scientists are collecting and analysing the data is important as it means that any results from the project are underpinned by local knowledge, making them even more relevant to people’s daily lives.

So why not join weather@home today and see how your weather could change!

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