Climate Science Videos

Myles Allen gives a lecture on the physics of climate change in May 2013: Project Videos

Abby Halperin, Myles Allen and Friederike Otto explain how serious the ongoing drought is in California, which has experienced four years of drought already, and how this experiment will help determine what effect, if any, climate change has had on how likely this drought is.

Neil Massey introduces how the work of volunteers around the world helped with his doctoral thesis:


Nathalie Schaller explains the science behind our weather@home 2014 UK Flooding project, and why we need your help to answer these important questions about the link between extreme weather and climate change:


Myles Allen speaking at the EGU 2014 Press Conference about the results from our weather@home 2014 UK Flooding Experiment:


Mitchell Black explains the science behind our weather@home Australia & New Zealand heatwaves and droughts experiment:


NIWA, New Zealand, scientist Suzanne Rosier explains more about the weather@home ANZ experiment: