Our support and advice on using the BOINC software includes a discussion board, and statistics on participants and teams.


Before contacting us, please read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) – we have two FAQs, one that answers questions about climate science and modelling, and another that answers technical questions about BOINC and running the project.

Server Status

If your climate model isn’t running, it’s possible there is a problem with the servers that run the project. Please visit the Server Status page to see if there are any known problems.

Discussion board

The BOINC discussion board is a good place to visit on a regular basis to see what other users are doing. Use your login to get involved and post comments.

The forum is also where to ask questions about BOINC-related technical problems, or to see what other participants have suggested.

BOINC statistics and user profile

You can access and customise your user profile – email address, password, team participation and preferences on when your computer is available for use by the project.

There’s a range of statistics about the experiment. You’ll be able to see:

  • how many CPU cycles you’ve contributed to the project
  • how many years of model time you’ve simulated

You’ll be able to compare these against other participants’ data and compare some of the data from your run against the experiment as a whole: for example, say you’ve simulated 30 years of the period 1950 to 2000 – is your world hotter or colder than the average? Wetter or drier?