Donations participants have often expressed a desire to support the project with monetary donations.

These could be used to assist us in purchasing new hardware or upgrading or maintaining our current servers. For example, disks and power supplies are required from time to time as these components fail and we have a continuing need to expand our storage facilities to hold the data that are being continuously generated by participants. Donations could also be used to contribute towards our electricity costs for running these servers or towards the cost of other required materials such as software licences or consumables.

We are not able to accept donations via Paypal, as is commonly undertaken by BOINC projects, but we can instead receive donations via Oxford University’s donation system. These donations would be made to the Volunteer Computing Group at the Oxford e-Research Centre, where the computing staff for are based, and would be used for expenses incurred by this group in the running of as described above.

If you would like to donate, please use the link to the University of Oxford. As this is a standard form, it does not have any field for entering your CPDN user ID number, so please put your ID number into the year of matriculation or subject studied field if you would like a donation symbol to show on your account. Your ID number can be found if you go to the your account page on our site. In addition, please supply the e-mail address you used when attaching to the project. This is not necessary if you would like to make an anonymous donation.

Please be aware that we appreciate that users are already making a significant donation in the form of their electricity bills and computer hardware expenses, and we are very grateful for everyone’s effort in running our models.

Thank you for supporting!