Dr Sihan Li presents at AGU Fall Meeting

Posted on 3rd January 2018

The world’s largest Earth and space science meeting – the AGU Fall Meeting – took place in New Orleans, Louisiana, from 11-15 December. Post-doctoral Research Associate Dr Sihan Li (Meredith) attended the meeting to give several presentations on behalf of the climateprediction.net project. Her presentation Changing frequency of flooding in Bangladesh: Is the wettest place […]

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Potential influences on the United Kingdom’s floods of winter 2013/14

Posted on 16th September 2014

A new paper has been published in Nature Climate Change by climateprediction.net scientists including Chris Huntingford, Friederike Otto, Neil Massey, Nathalie Schaller and Myles R. Allen. The paper, entitled, “Potential influences on the United Kingdom’s floods of winter 2013/14” looks at the possible drivers behind the floods last winter, which affected large parts of the […]

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Results from weather@home 2014 UK Flooding Experiment: climate change makes very wet winters ‘a bit more likely’

Posted on 30th April 2014

Following preliminary assessments from the Met Office, Oxford University researchers undertook the first scientific experiment to analyse whether the risk of extreme rainfall has changed due to climate change after the winter deluge between December 2013 and February 2014.

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Professor Myles Allen speaking at EGU about weather@home 2014 UK Flooding Experiment

Posted on 29th April 2014

The press conference will be streamed live, and you can watch it on the EGU website. We will be formally releasing the results tomorrow morning, to coincide with the press conference.

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Over 5,000 results in for Weather@home 2014 UK Flooding experiment

Posted on 20th March 2014

We’ve now have several thousand results back, which is fantastic! Thank you so much to everyone who has been running models for us. We still have more models to run, so if you haven’t signed up yet, please do.

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