Preliminary Results for Western US Drought – 607 Models

We sent out the first models to our volunteers last week and so far we’ve had 607 returned to us – here are some plots using those initial models. 

Eventually, we will be running over 20,000 models, so we will add these to the plots as they come in – keep an eye on our results page where we’ll be posting updated plots regularly.

We still have many simulations ready for people to run, so if you are not running our models already, please consider signing up!

The “climatology” results, that look at the possible effect of the “blob” on the drought, are not ready yet so we’re just showing you the “actual” (world with climate change) and “natural” (world that might have been without climate change) experiments.

For an explanation of the 3 different sets of models we’re running, read the Experimental Setup page.

For an explanation of what these plots are showing, read the Return Time Plots page.

We have 3 plots for each of the 3 states we’re looking at, but as an example, here’s temperature for California:

You can see the full plots (so far) for precipitation, snow and temperature on the individual results pages for each State:

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