Raising Risk Awareness – new project under WWA

Posted on 18th April 2016

To extend the reach of and scope of our World Weather Attribution project we are engaging in a new project with CDKN: Raising Risk Awareness – Using climate science to inform post disaster Policy & practice in developing countries Today we understand the impact of human activities on global mean temperature very well; however, high-impact […]

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Human influence on climate in the 2014 southern England winter floods and their impacts

Posted on 1st February 2016

Human-induced climate change increased the risk of severe storms like those that hit the south of England in the winter of 2013/14, causing devastating flooding and costing several people their lives. The preliminary results of this study have been on our website since the time the flooding happened , but now we have looked not […]

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Man-made climate change as important as natural variability in December’s record rains

Posted on 14th January 2016

First results of our new study together with researchers from the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute show that human-induced climate change approximately doubled the chances of an exceptionally warm December in Central England, and significantly increased the chances of high rainfall further North. Ocean conditions in the Atlantic, and possibly the strong El Niño conditions now seen in […]

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CPDN and the Paris agreement

Posted on 16th December 2015

The negotiations in Paris finished with an unexpectedly strong agreement  to aim to limit warming to “well below” 2C, and even “to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5C”. In two articles in The Conversation and Carbon Brief, CPDN PI Myles Allen explores the implications of a 1.5C goal. Whether a 2C or […]

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Climate change found to increase heavy rains like those of UK’s Storm Desmond

Posted on 14th December 2015

In the second real-time extreme weather attribution study in the context of the World Weather Attribution project the team found a 5-80% increase in the likelihood of heavy precipitation like those associated with storm Desmond to occur due to anthropogenic climate change. The Atlantic Storm Desmond brought torrential rain and gale-force winds to parts of […]

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